Suspense And Intrigue On The Big Screen

The 70th Anniversary of Casablanca afforded me the opportunity to realize one of my longings, to see Casablanca on the big screen, in a movie theatre. On March 21, select theatres had two showings of the classic movie. I rushed to the theatre only to come upon a sign taped to the box office window, “Casablanca: SOLD OUT.” My heart sank and I was beyond crushed. I remembered that one other theatre within a reasonable distance was participating in the anniversary showing.

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Welcome to My Nostalgic World

It can be said that living in the past is unhealthy, and in many respects I agree. But the past not only offers lessons learned and a path to how we came to be presently, but odds and ends of a different way of doing things, helping us decide how we want to establish our personal footing in the world, and glimpses of a lost connection with something outside of ourselves.

I am those dirty words: sentimental, idealistic, nostalgic. Aka: sappy, corny, kooky. (I embrace them all!) While I am all these things, I don’t (always) live in a dream world. The reality of contemporary times and everyday life are at the forefront. I do, however, like to incorporate my love of past relics, my yearning for a more regaled approach, and my pure enjoyment of using useful yet left behind objects into my life. Technology and modern conveniences are a part of our lives now, and most of us wouldn’t know how to function without them. They do make our lives easier, but I will gladly sacrifice a little convenience for the feeling of doing something myself, the latest trend for something I enjoy that maybe no one else does, and an easily produced object for a personal touch that alludes to something special. Continue reading