Two Tiers Are Better Than One

If anyone is still out there to read this, *cricket chirps* I apologize for my lengthy absence. For various reasons, technical and others we’ll just chalk up to “life,” I have not posted in a very long time. So, to those still there and reading, thank you, and anyone who may be new, hopefully you won’t be hesitant to stick around. Perhaps check out why I started the blog in the first place. Now on to the task at hand . . .

end table 1The entire time I’ve lived in my house I’ve been using small bookcases as “end tables.” Which was all fine and dandy, and functional as well, keeping my books from spilling all about the room and house in general. It was a beautiful thing. Until I got the hankering for a legitimate end table, a mid-century one to be exact.

I’ve seen them during different antique shopping trips, in various styles and finishes, but my favorite has always been the two tiered end table. They give me an indelible feeling of just the right mix of longing and comfort. I had never taken the plunge, price being a big factor, but the fact that I would have no place to put those books was also another one.

end table 2At least one of those factors was removed when I got my secretary desk. It provided
ample room for most of the books on the “end table” bookcases and another larger bookcase. However, price was still a daunting factor. Sure, I would look on the Internet and find plenty within my price range, but they were in Pennsylvania or Indiana, with exorbitant shipping prices or for pick up only. California has such inflated prices, when you find a “deal” sometimes it’s not really a deal. We’ll call it a “California deal” just to be safe.

However, once in a while you run head on into an unexpected actual deal and can’t believe your luck. That happened with my end table

Even the man checking me out at the antique mall commented on what a good price it was. Validation! Not that I needed it to know, but it’s nice to have it confirmed occasionally. I wasn’t too keen on the laminate at first (obviously, that didn’t stop me from purchasing it), but I’m quite digging it now. Also, compared to most I’ve seen I really like the specific design of it, the legs, how the first and second tier are attached, etc.

my end table my end table 1

I’ll just get it out of the way, not much in my house matches or really goes together (as I‘m sure can be easily ascertained in photos I post). I suppose that’s the implicit understanding of being an antique and vintage enthusiast. That’s also a bit of the fun of it. But I digress. . .

I’m very pleased with the end table and have it temporarily adorned with a lamp and my Gramp’s old ashtray (filled with shells from my beach). The ongoing quest now is for an appropriate lamp to sit atop it. Also, an old radio. Oh, eBay, you saucy little vixen, constantly teasing me with such beautiful gems and haughtily whisking them away to some other bidder. I will triumph one of these times, mark my words. Then the above mentioned items will live in absolute harmony with the end table. The day approaches!

12 thoughts on “Two Tiers Are Better Than One

  1. I love end tables. It looks like you’ll be happy with it and it will be quite suitable for your stated needs. The lamp and the radio will surely come along soon! And…welcome back!!!


  2. We have a good quality two-tier end table that belonged to my husband’s grandparents. I had no idea they were collectible. I love it! It’s in our basement along with some other hand-me down furniture – all solid wood and good quality.


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