Your Table Is Waiting


That color!

Each time I see a vintage kitchen table or dinette set, I cringe slightly over the fact that I can’t buy one. My kitchen is very small, and I do not have one of those cute little nooks for a table. Nor do I have a proper dining room in which to put one.  It’s quite sad, I know, but I pull through.  Like many things I have written about on the blog, I can dream and fantasize. I assure you, I do.


There’s something so captivating about them, especially with their matching chairs. A vision of people sitting around them in their vintage clothes with a big breakfast upon the table, accompanied by the coffee carafe always enters my mind. They really are one of the quintessential pieces of vintage style and décor. Vintage, and especially mid-century, enthusiasts are sure to own one, or crave one. I can always picture myself having one and setting plates upon it while my half apron covers my full skirt. Perhaps one day I’ll have that pink or mint, or pink and mint kitchen with a suitable table and I can fulfill this dream. One day!


We had a white one with matching chairs on the back porch growing up. I don’t think we ever actually sat down and had a meal at it, it was more a catch all when walking in the backdoor. A stack of things needing to be taken somewhere, school projects, and even hanging wet clothes over the backs of the chairs for drying were more what I remember it being used for. The only exceptions were family get-togethers, when there wasn’t enough room for all the relatives at the dining room table or the long folding table set up in the living room.



It seems yellow is the easiest to find, evidenced by my photos. Most of the yellow tables I’ve come upon have had all the chairs with them as well, which is a delightful find. Though the one above is not a proper kitchen table, I wanted to include it. One, it’s pink! Two, look at those legs! This table was a bit of conundrum, when I wrote about end tables, it didn’t quite fit in and was a bit too tall and big. Yet, it’s not big enough to be a proper, full kitchen table. So it’s being included here, because otherwise I don’t think it has an appropriate place in any other blog posts. Just look at it though!


There are even places that sell new versions of these types of  tables, which is great if you can’t find what you’re looking for while thrifting or antique shopping. However, it will come as no surprise to anyone who has regularly read this blog that I prefer an actual vintage used one. I’ve stated before my preference for things with some character, even if that means scuffs, blemishes, or wear. The shiny, new, untouched look just doesn’t work for me. If someone brought me a brand new manufactured one, though, I don’t think I’d turn it down. Then they would just need to bring me a kitchen big enough to put it in.

One thought on “Your Table Is Waiting

  1. They are lovely! The nice thing about (good) antique barns is that you can find all sorts of vintage stuff without having to pay for or store them. They are like museums for kitch.

    Of course, I find myself buying some of those pieces anyway. I bought a make-up mirror last Saturday because it was the cutest thing.

    Someday, you’ll get the home of your dreams, and you can decorate it any way you like without space concerns!


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