Pinned With Love . . . And Style

No, not like, “I got pinned by my boyfriend.” *giddy laughter* And no, not anything to do with Pinterest. Brooches, people. I’m talking brooches.


The gold one at the top was my Gramma's, my friend and work study boss in college made the feather, and the rest are vintage.

Where was it that I heard no one under the age of 50 should wear a brooch? In a movie? A TV show? Read in some inane fashion article? I’m not sure, but what complete rubbish. Pins, or brooches, are lovely. They add a little extra to an outfit. They can help one showcase their personality in a classic or quirky way. I have vintage brooches and costume jewelry pins, and I love looking through the cases while out antique shopping. There are some beautiful pieces and some that are pretty funky.


You may think of your grandmother or your great-aunt Bernice wearing a bejeweled flower brooch or a cameo. You may even have nightmares of a brooch coming at you, when great-aunt Bernice moved in for the cheek pinch or wanted to give you a kiss with her smeared lipstick. I could see how you might not be a fan of brooches then. It’s understandable. However, brooches are so much more than this stereotype. And they’ve come a long way since.

Luckily, I am not in the minority, and brooches seem to be making a resurgence. There are several companies that are making brooches, and adding new life to this classic accessory. I am particularly fond of two from Australia, Erstwilder and Deer Arrow. These are not your great-aunt Bernice’s brooches. They are colorful, quirky, and beautifully made.



They’re a great option for someone who would like to wear brooches, but maybe can’t get past that stereotype of the stuffy old lady brooch. The great thing about them making new brooches is that they make such a variety, there is something for every personality, mood, and interest. Like old cars? They make those. Does baking or sewing interest you? They’ve got you covered there too. Like animals? Name one, I bet they make it. There are even some brooches being made of faces of classic stars or superheroes.


I am loving all the variety I find. In fact, I can’t keep up. There are more brooches I want than time and money in my life. And I keep finding more all the time. Once I think that my two favorites from Australia are going to get my next 20 brooch purchases, then I find a new site, company, or designer and see a whole gaggle of new brooches I want. Not to mention I still find ones at antique stores. It’s exhausting! Or maybe I just have a brooch addiction. Anything’s possible.

Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever had a great-aunt Bernice. No offense meant to any great-aunt Bernices.

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