Lusting For Lustro-Ware

Or something like that. I am back after some time off. I had planned on taking Christmas, my birthday, New Year’s, etc off, but once I flew back from Kansas I decided January would be one long vacation from blogging! It’s just so stressful. (Where’s that sarcasm font when you need one?) I hope everyone has been well and those of you in certain parts of the country aren’t still snowed in.

Back to the subject at hand.


My Lustro-Ware dreams are slowly coming true. Lustro-Ware was a company that made plastics starting in the late 1940s through the 1960s. It is no longer in existence, though the name is still in use by Rubbermaid. As for the original, there are entire sets of Lustro-ware, with canisters for tea, coffee, sugar, flour, and cookies, there are salt and pepper shakers, silverware trays, bread boxes, paper towel and wax paper dispensers, recipe boxes, spice racks, and more. I’ve been eyeing canister sets I’ve been finding while out antique shopping. I’ve mostly found red and yellow, and a few pieces of turquoise, which are fabulous and incredibly cute, however, I was on the lookout for pink. All of my kitchenware and utensils are pink, with some mint and cream mixed in too. I did find one set of pink canisters, however they were on sale for $99. Uhm, no.


$99? On sale?  You’re cute, but not that cute.

Lustro-Ware is very collectible, so prices can get quite high, especially for rarer pieces, such as the spice racks and bread boxes. I decided to turn my search to online. What a beautiful thing it is to type in a few words and have the antique world at your fingertips. I found a set of pink canisters on Etsy. After I ordered them and continued searching through listings, I found a recipe box too! It even had its original divider cards. Anyone have any good recipes for chafing dishes? . . . Those sound unpleasant.





Boom, I’m half way there! All I need now is the cookie canister, bread box, and perhaps the salt and pepper shakers, or as they are referred to in the ad below, “chef” shakers. I’m not too concerned with the paper towel and wax paper dispenser, as it is very rare, plus a few weeks ago I found a metal dispenser (with paper towel, aluminum foil, and wax paper) and bought it. My intention is to sand it and paint it (pink, of course), so no pictures of it until I can show before and after photos. (And give it its own post.)


“Gift packaged set of 4 canisters, bread box, cookie jar, and  “chef” shakers, $9.95″ $88.33 in today’s terms. Uhm, I’ll take two or three sets, thanks.

The bread box may be a lost cause as well, since those are rare too. Though I’m still on the lookout and can dream. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any other quirky pieces of Lustro-Ware that I can find. If you come upon any that match my set let me know! (No, seriously. Let me know.)


5 thoughts on “Lusting For Lustro-Ware

  1. I will keep my eyes peeled. In fact, these eyes have not seen these since in use back in the day. Don’t have any of our own. Some of those are indeed a bit pricey huh? Welcome back to the blogosphere!


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