Roll Out The Cocktail Hour

bar cart 7When I got the idea that I had to have a bar cart (or tea cart), the one I envisioned was brass with glass shelves. The initial search online brought up many options with those particular qualities, most with prices far out of my reach (this is an on going theme with me). I found one that Target carried that was within my price range and exactly what I had envisioned. . .except it was from the previous year, so they no longer had it available. If only I had started my search a year earlier, it would have been ideal. Not dwelling on it too long, the in person search commenced. Oh, were there some stunning options out there!

Each time I spotted one in an antique store, my first reaction was of excitement and hope. After carefully approaching, I would let my eyes glide over it until I saw the slip of paper, and reach for it with a delicateness, as if that would some how magically make the price be affordable. “You say, it’s only $500? I’ll take two!” Not. Of course, reality would strike and I would remain an admiring bystander.

bar cart 4 bar cart 5bar cart 1

They ranged from the fancy, very ornate ones to very simple ones. Each possessing its own charm and merits. Different examples of beauty and workmanship besieged me, making me yearn for one even more than I had originally. I finally found my bar cart soul mate. It had many things piled on it, and was stuck back in a corner where I couldn’t actually get to it. I asked for help from the front, and when we had cleaned it off and moved other items out of the way, were able to pull it out to the aisle. It was wobbly and felt as if it were about to fall apart. That seemed to solve the mystery of why it was priced $100 cheaper than an identical one I had seen the week before in a different antique store.

bar cart 3 bar cart 6 bar cart 2

As I got on the floor for further inspection, I discovered a simple twist to each leg and wheel was all that was needed to remedy it. It was in excellent condition, perhaps the brass trim needed a bit of polishing (which I still have yet to do, even though it‘s been almost a year and a half), but otherwise gorgeous. I loved the design of the wood inlay, the wings that could be put up or down to extend the top, the bottle holes on the bottom, and of course the price! I didn’t hesitate to take it home with me, and thus, a staple in my living room was established.

my bar cart my bar cart 1

my bar cart 2 my bar cart 3

A few months after purchasing the bar cart, I found a tray that is clearly related, so of course, I had to buy that too. The tray complements the cart and is a nice holder for glasses and such. A spot on the cart is prime real estate, and so things get circulated in and out periodically. It’s nice to freshen things up here and there, and to keep the look from getting stale. I suppose the bottom could use a few more options in the liquor department, but it does the job adequately enough.

Next time you’re over, I’ll roll the bar cart out and mix up a savory concoction, and we’ll do cocktail hour up right.

5 thoughts on “Roll Out The Cocktail Hour

  1. I bet these certainly are pricey but geez they look great …and if you want to roll with the nostalgia you have to roll one of these babies out fully stocked with adult cocktails. Fabulous pictures. We have a couple of ice buckets from back in the day we’re particularly proud of for their longevity and look but have never hunted for one of these…which were a staple in all of my families’ households back in the day if more so for show than dispensing mass quantities of “comfort.”

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  2. I thought of this post today when I was looking to replace ice cube trays. You know how all the current ones are plastic or silicone? Do you recall when there were metal ice cube trays with the “handle” you pushed back to release them all once frozen? I’m not saying I would return to using them but metal ice trays seemed to resonate with me relative to rolling out cocktail hour!


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