My Heart Sighs: Time After Time

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“Time After Time” was written in 1947 by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, and introduced in the movie It Happened in Brooklyn by Frank Sinatra and later, Kathryn Grayson.

time after timeOh, this song! I don’t think I can even do it the justice it deserves, but I will give it a tolerable attempt. Listening to this song, and letting it engulf me, brings the feeling as if I could crumble and be swept away on the wind. It’s the ultimate in piercing straight to my unapologetic, sentimentally plagued soul.

In 1956, Chet Baker recorded a version that intensifies this already divine song. It is soft, warm, and lingering, with so much coming from the heart. His vocals glide along with the music, to craft an unmistakable, not only sound, but impression upon the heart. It’s incredibly easy to lose oneself and entwine oneself with the music and the quality it possesses.

Ricky Nelson recorded a version in 1960 that puts some pep into the song. While thetime after time 1 mood is changed, it still preserves the essence of the song. You get the sentimental and tender atmosphere but with a fun and upbeat sound to it. She & Him also did a livelier version, which they also add the twist of doing it as a duet. As far as I know, there are no other duet versions, which seems inconceivable to me. It seems only natural to have the lyrics exchanged between two voices cooing their devotion to each other.  Each of these versions are sublime to my ears, I’ll sing and dance without reservation to all of them. There are numerous other takes on this magnificent song as well, all imprinting upon the ears the same blossoming beauty.

With fingers crossed, I keep thinking each day may be the one when I find “my Time After Time.” Any day now. . .any day now . . .

8 thoughts on “My Heart Sighs: Time After Time

  1. You know I wish I still had all my old vinyl…or 8-tracks for that matter! It’s a great song you feature here. Talking to folks about what moves them to move to music always interests me – the stories behind their love for specific music like you share here. When it comes to some pieces they favor them as much for when they heard them and the circumstances in their lives as much as the music itself. In other instances it is all about the song and they can’t even recall when they first heard it…they just knew they loved it instantly. I have musical interests like that…some of my favorites are tied almost directly to an event or a situation when I first heard them…others I couldn’t tell you a thing about when or where I first came upon them but they were instant classics for me right then and there. This song was written eleven years before I was born. Ouch. I do share your feeling my soul is quite sentimental in nature and, as well, offer no apologies for that!

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  2. Chet Baker–one of my favorites. If you Bossa Nova don’t miss “Slow Motion Bossa Nova” by Celso Fonseca. Their music is very similar–very romantic and smooth. Like velvet-chiffon–sheer, lightweight, and balanced. Thanks again for writing. We’re reading . . . even if we don’t reply.

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