My Heart Sighs: Time After Time

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“Time After Time” was written in 1947 by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, and introduced in the movie It Happened in Brooklyn by Frank Sinatra and later, Kathryn Grayson.

time after timeOh, this song! I don’t think I can even do it the justice it deserves, but I will give it a tolerable attempt. Listening to this song, and letting it engulf me, brings the feeling as if I could crumble and be swept away on the wind. It’s the ultimate in piercing straight to my unapologetic, sentimentally plagued soul.

In 1956, Chet Baker recorded a version that intensifies this already divine song. It is soft, warm, and lingering, with so much coming from the heart. His vocals glide along with the music, to craft an unmistakable, not only sound, but impression upon the heart. It’s incredibly easy to lose oneself and entwine oneself with the music and the quality it possesses.

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My Heart Sighs: It’s Not For Me To Say


It's not for me to say
“It’s Not For Me To Say” was written in 1957 by Robert Allen and Al Stillman for the movie Lizzie. It was originally performed, and is mostly associated with Johnny Mathis. He had the most successful version of the song, but Bing Crosby’s version is by far my most beloved. Oh, the response this invokes in me! It’s such a beautiful song, with lyrics such as:

As far as I can see, this is heaven
And speaking just for me, it’s ours to share
Perhaps the glow of love will grow
With every passing day
Or we may never meet again
But then it’s not for me to say

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Simplicity is the New Black (Or Should Be)

I’ve always loved Ricky Nelson’s version, but this one is simple yet brilliant. Makes me melt.

I don’t think any words can do justice to how I feel about She & Him and the impressions their sound evokes, but I’ll try. Ethereal, unassuming, heartbreak yet hopeful, enchanting, at times bubbly, and nostalgic. (Ah, yes, of course.) In 2008, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward brought a little class and a cozy haven to the music industry with the release of Volume One, their debut album. And took much too long to grace us with another beautiful album, releasing Volume Two in March 2010. I like to describe their sound as a little 60s pop, a little folksy, and a little old country. And they may not be everyone’s cup of tea (most people I know have never heard of them, even with my incessant chatter and recommendation of them), but in an era where music is more about looks and digitally created voices, they are a breath of fresh air. And you can tell they have fun with their videos. They’re a bit quirky and bizarre at times, but playful as well, and they never seem to take themselves too seriously. Take their newest video, Don’t Look Back. I love the colors, stylized 60s kitsch, and “futuristic” technology. It’s silly, and makes me smile.

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Welcome to My Nostalgic World

It can be said that living in the past is unhealthy, and in many respects I agree. But the past not only offers lessons learned and a path to how we came to be presently, but odds and ends of a different way of doing things, helping us decide how we want to establish our personal footing in the world, and glimpses of a lost connection with something outside of ourselves.

I am those dirty words: sentimental, idealistic, nostalgic. Aka: sappy, corny, kooky. (I embrace them all!) While I am all these things, I don’t (always) live in a dream world. The reality of contemporary times and everyday life are at the forefront. I do, however, like to incorporate my love of past relics, my yearning for a more regaled approach, and my pure enjoyment of using useful yet left behind objects into my life. Technology and modern conveniences are a part of our lives now, and most of us wouldn’t know how to function without them. They do make our lives easier, but I will gladly sacrifice a little convenience for the feeling of doing something myself, the latest trend for something I enjoy that maybe no one else does, and an easily produced object for a personal touch that alludes to something special. Continue reading