My Heart Sighs: It’s Not For Me To Say


It's not for me to say
“It’s Not For Me To Say” was written in 1957 by Robert Allen and Al Stillman for the movie Lizzie. It was originally performed, and is mostly associated with Johnny Mathis. He had the most successful version of the song, but Bing Crosby’s version is by far my most beloved. Oh, the response this invokes in me! It’s such a beautiful song, with lyrics such as:

As far as I can see, this is heaven
And speaking just for me, it’s ours to share
Perhaps the glow of love will grow
With every passing day
Or we may never meet again
But then it’s not for me to say

It's not for me to say 1It’s quite a simple song, but the words hit all the right spots in the old ticker. A song of wondering what the future may hold, yet living in and enjoying the moment, because it may be the last of its kind. The melody and tempo establish a delicate mood  in which one can envision dancing closely. Visions of waltzing, moonlight, stars, and gentle night breezes envelop me when I hear this song. Bing Crosby’s voice, with that lovely tone, always evokes a calming and soothing state, and works wonderfully on this song. I love a good crooning and this is one of the best.

She & Him covered it on their album Classics in 2014. While that album is mostly pleasant, though a bit hit and miss with the tracks, this one stands out for me. Though, it could be because I’m biased toward the particular song to begin. Zooey Deschanel’s voice suits it well, and adds a haunting air to the song. Their version maintains that feeling and vision of dancing in moonlight, and all the goodness that the lyrics conjure up, and that is always welcomed by me.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here waltzing in my living room.

7 thoughts on “My Heart Sighs: It’s Not For Me To Say

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