My Heart Sighs: Love Came To Me

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love came to me 1“Love Came to Me” was written by Dion DiMucci and John Falbo. Dion, as he was better known, also performed the song in 1962, along with the Del-Satins, I believe. I have a difficult time keeping his backing bands straight. Most of the songs I write about in this series are usually slower, but this one has some fun pep to it. I think it may also be about the only positive song Dion sang. It seems that poor guy was always getting jilted or just plain not chosen. This song though, speaks to finally finding love (“this time for real,” he sings) and the indelible feeling that brings, “now, love makes me, makes me feel so good, just like I, I dreamed it would.”

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Click Click Click . . . Ding!

There are certain sounds that are like nectar from the gods. The clicking of a typewriter is one of those. (For me, at least.) When I was younger, my parents had an electric typewriter. At the time, I loved clicking away on it, writing my stories, pretending and making up “documents.” I would also, occasionally, get a finger shaken at me for wasting paper and the ribbon. My Mom clearly did not understand how important the paperwork was for my pretend world. There was always something about the feel of the paper, the click of  the keys, the whir of taking the paper out, and having that freshly stacked paper just waiting to be sifted through.

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