Help Yourself

You may remember my fascination with a salad bowl a few weeks ago. Well, lo and behold, I found a chip ‘n dip with the same bowl and design! It was an eBay find and I snatched it up quickly. I had been seeing this particular type of chip ‘n dip, with a small holder for the dip/sauce bowl that sits on the larger bowl, and had been close to purchasing one, but never knew it came in “my bowl.” It was a pleasant little surprise and has made my fascination, okay, who am I kidding, obsession with these bowls grow a little more. There must be more out there, and searching for them will become a new adventure for me.

chipndip1After finding it, I came upon this wheat design that I was particularly partial to (must be the Kansas girl in me), and almost bought it, even though it did not come with the small bowl holder. Then I maturely reminded myself that the one purchased from eBay was on its way in the mail, and why in the world would I need two chip ‘n dips. So it was put back on the shelf, not without a little twinge though.

My in person antique adventures have introduced me to similar ones as these, though with a different bowl shape. Whatever the shape, they are quite fun, the design and setup presents such a unique and festive look. Though I do question the practicality of them. I have yet to test mine out in a group party setting, but I can imagine them easily being knocked about. While the small bowl sits nicely in its holder attached to the bigger bowl, it isn’t incredibly secure. It seems if any guest would imbibe a bit too much or is especially klutzy (and I mean me by that) there may be a good chance of knocking it off or over. I suppose that’s a risk worth taking, but perhaps I should have bought the wheat chip ‘n dip, as a just in case. Curses.

Whether this type or the all-in-one tray design type of chip ‘n dip, they’re all about having good people over and around to celebrate or just enjoy each other’s company. They’re a little bit of entertaining hardware that fosters a sense of friendship and all are welcomed attitude, and that is their best attribute.

2 thoughts on “Help Yourself

  1. Mrs. sportsattitudes and I now have a rule that evolved over time. If you see something you really like and are completely sold on needing it to make life brighter…buy it because you may never, ever see it again. Not only applicable to antiques either because that favorite cut or style of clothing, shoe, etc. may be a one-time production also. Seems as though when you wear through something these days you get worn out trying to find the same thing. Another hard and fast rule developed over time is secure anything that the klutzy or altered mind individuals might dislodge from their perch. In any event these decorative devices to serve snacks, etc. are indeed welcoming. (I see you self-diagnosed the Kansas origin love for that wheat design!)


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