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In the last six months or so I have acquired an attraction to old coffee carafes, particularly the Pyrex ones. Since I don’t drink coffee, it is a bit curious, however, I love the look of them. They come in varying sizes, shapes, and surface designs that captivate me. They scream vintage kitchen, and the thought of them sitting around brings a smile to my face. They are quite abundant, I see them often while antique perusing, but I perk up every time I come upon one (no pun intended).

The one I finally decided to take home with me has the starburst design often seen in mid-century items. As I said, I don’t drink coffee but it has proven to be just as useful for juice or even water. I think about it being used in it’s original capacity by someone back in the 1950s or 1960s. People gathered around the table for one of those old fashion hearty breakfasts of bacon, ham, toast with a lot of butter, eggs, a stack of pancakes, and whatever else they could find to clog their arteries. I think I gained 10lbs just writing that. My coffee carafe is used around less grease and carbs, but it’s still enjoyable to use.

I’ve seen them in stripes, plain, wheat, starbursts, and other variations. They can be round or I even saw a three-sided one. Some are tall and thinner, some are shorter and more squat. I love the mini ones. They don’t seem very practical, but they are cute. Some even come with their original warming stand.

coffee carafe2coffee carafe3coffee carafe1

I may not be eating 2000 calories for my breakfast while swigging coffee down, but I’m happy I found my old coffee carafe. While a small addition, it adds the right touch of nostalgia to the rest of my kitchen. Sitting on a small shelf near the harvest yellow stove and surrounded by the yellow linoleum with a pattern, I’m sure the coffee carafe is right at home.

3 thoughts on “Fill ‘Er Up

  1. This takes me back as these were indeed the devices that delivered coffee to my great-grandparents, grandparents and even my parents for quite some time. Hadn’t known there was so much variety in design and look as these pictures clearly indicate. Apparently there were quite a few manufacturers back in the day and lots of designs to choose from. Makes sense…I just wasn’t exposed to the depth of availability carafe-lovers enjoyed. (I think I gained 10 pounds reading about those associated breakfasts…!)


    • The variety is definitely out there, and I didn’t even get photos of all of them! Sorry for the gluttonous moment in there, I guess I’ll have to write in depth about running a marathon to make up for it. . .oh wait, I don’t do those.. 😉


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