I Like Your Moxie, Sassafras

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I haven’t always loved dresses, in fact, for most of my life I loathed them and refused to wear them. Occasionally I was forced into one, and the disdain could easily be seen on my face. Not until the end … Continue reading

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Off With Their Heads!

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Before I ever started school, I would accompany my Mom and my Gramma to the grocery store to stock up on food and essentials. My Mom would throw me in the backseat (not literally) and we would drive up the … Continue reading

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It’s As Cheesy As You Think . . .

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but completely worth it and more fun than you can imagine. Of course, I’m speaking of summer camp. If you’ve ever spent time at one in any aspect, you know what I’m talking about. I was never a camper, I … Continue reading

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Celebrating 60 Years Of Playing In Puddles

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A few months ago I wrote about watching Casablanca in the movie theatre, and what a sublime event that was. Select theatres showed the classic because this year is the 70th anniversary of it’s release. Another great classic, Singin’ in … Continue reading

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Leave A Little To The Imagination, Darling

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As with clothing, I feel a swimming suit should be flattering to your body type and should make you feel good about yourself and feel comfortable. However, in more recent years it seems there’s a general attitude about suits that … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Make It After All

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I recently got the hankering to watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I had seen a few episodes here and there in the past, but never really watched the show or knew much about it. I ventured off to the … Continue reading

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Suspense And Intrigue On The Big Screen

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The 70th Anniversary of Casablanca afforded me the opportunity to realize one of my longings, to see Casablanca on the big screen, in a movie theatre. On March 21, select theatres had two showings of the classic movie. I rushed to … Continue reading

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It Requires An Attention Span: The Artist

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The first moment I saw/heard of The Artist, I had an overwhelming desire to see it. As a lover of silent films and classic movies, it was a no-brainer. I have written before, encouraging the viewing of silent films, for … Continue reading

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I Can Never Get A Zipper To Close

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With a flip of her hair, Rita Hayworth could drive scores of males wild. She was the “love goddess,” a pinup for military soldiers, and she was a presence on-screen that demanded attention. I may get a lot of complaints, … Continue reading

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Take Me Away, Kindergarten!

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I  mentioned in my last post that I got to visit my niece at her school. I not only got to drop her off and pick her up, but was able to eat lunch with her where I got to … Continue reading

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